The Three Holy Books For Peace (Book)

LivresReal texts from the Torah, New Testament and Coran all translated in EnglishTorah has been studied in the official sentences controlled by the French Rabbinate.Official translation of the New Testament called TOB. Coran translated by Si Hamza Boubakeur Rector of the Great Mosque of Paris.

 Issued in march 2004

Stitched 160 pages withh 109 photos of the paintings in color

Prefaced by Mr Koichiro Matsuura ,General Director of UNESCO

Introduced by Jean de Bengy ,General Inspector for creation and Art education in the French Minister of Culture; “From the exploration of colour to the spiritual adventure”

 The artist explains his choices of the sentences related to peace in the three books.

Fully tranlated in english

 Size 27 x 19,5 cm

Issued by LB story

Etat neuf. Prix dédicacé par l’artiste 35 euros TTC transport 5 euros

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