The Survivors of the Holocaust Courage, Will, Life (Book)

les rescapés de la shoahThis book has been Issued for the exhibition on the Holocaust in January and February in Paris at the UNESCO headquarters.This book contains all the 35 paintings and extracts of the interviews realized in France and Israel by the writer and painter between 2007 an 2013.

 Translation in english by Agnes Motel

Issued in january 2014 by les Rescapés de la Shoah Courage Volonté Vie with the hellp of the SNCF

Black cover stitch 54 pages with 35 photo in colours

 Prefaced by Mrs Irina Bokova General Director of UNESCO

Interview of the artist by Alain Chouffan , journalist

Text from Marie Mignon Gardet, art critic,The painting of Alain Husson-Dumoutier

 Size italian format 19 x 27 cm